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2017 Videos
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2016 Videos
11/20/168 Man Flag Express vs. Wolf Knows
11/20/166 on 6 Flag Sharky's Blazers vs. Orange Lantern
11/20/166 on 6 Flag Allstars vs. Cobras
11/20/16Touch Militia vs. Bulldogs
11/20/16Touch A-Team vs. Banana Slugs
11/13/166 on 6 Flag Sharky's Blazers vs. Bears
11/13/166 on 6 Flag Orange Lantern vs. Lightning
11/13/168 Man Flag Canes vs. Bulldogs
11/6/168 Man Flag Wolf Knows vs. Wolfgang
11/6/166 on 6 Flag Yombies vs. Deadly Assassins
10/30/16 6 on 6 Flag Cobras vs. Deja Vu
10/30/16 8 Man Flag Warriors vs. Trojans
10/30/16 8 Man Flag Allstars vs. Bankers
10/30/16 Touch A-Team vs. Park Ridge Fighting Owls
10/30/16 6 on 6 Flag Bears vs. NPI
10/23/16 6 on 6 Flag Sharky's Blazers vs. Deja Vu
10/23/16 Touch New Milford vs. Militia
10/23/16 8 Man Flag Wolves vs. Wolfgang
9/25/168 Man Flag Express Vs Bankers
9/25/168 Man Flag Wolf Knows vs. Warriors
9/25/166 on 6 Flag Sharky's Blazers vs. Deadly Assassins
9/25/16TouchMilitia vs. A-Team
6/19/168 on 8 Flag Jr Mafia vs Deja Vu
6/19/16TouchA-Team vs Wolves
6/19/166 on 6 Flag Bruins vs Bears
6/19/16Touch Militia vs Legion of Doom
6/19/168 on 8 Flag Bankers vs Hawkeyez
6/19/166 on 6 Flag Cobras vs Blazers
6/12/168 on 8 Flag Wolfgang vs NWO
6/12/166 on 6 Flag New Breed vs Code Red
6/12/16Touch Bucs vs Wolves
6/5/166 on 6 Flag Allstars vs Bruins
6/5/168 on 8 Flag Goons vs Kodiaks
5/22/166 on 6 Flag Bruins vs Yombies
5/22/16Touch Replacemants vs Legion of Doom
5/14/168 on 8 Flag Warriors vs Hawkeyez
5/14/169 on 9 Flag Canes vs HOB
5/1/166 on 6 Flag Bears vs Light Em Up
5/1/16Touch Militia vs Wolves
5/1/166 on 6 Flag Code Red vs Storm
4/25/169 on 9 Flag Diablos vs HOB
4/25/169 on 9 Flag Allstars vs Shakerz
4/17/168 on 8 Flag Bulldogs vs Wolfgang
4/17/166 on 6 Flag Yombies vs Nice Snatch
4/17/166 on 6 Flag Sam's Taxi Blazers vs Bruins
4/10/166 on 6 Flag Sam's Taxi Blazers vs. Hawks
4/10/16Flag B (8 on 8) Hawkeyez vs. Wolfgang
4/10/16Flag B (8 on 8)Bankers vs. Bulldogs
2015 Videos
12/13/158 Man Flag (Championship)Canes vs. Diablos
12/6/156 on 6 Flag (Championship)Allstars vs. Sam's Taxi Blazers
12/6/15TouchBanana Slugs vs. Militia
12/6/158 Man Flag Canes vs. Giants
12/6/158 Man Flag Diablos vs. Allstars
11/8/156 on 6 FlagBears vs. Bankers
11/8/156 on 6 FlagAllstars vs. Light'em Up
11/8/156 on 6 FlagDozers vs. Deep Threats
11/8/158 Man FlagHawkeyez vs. Canes
11/8/158 Man FlagAllstars vs. Diablos
11/1/15TouchSlugs vs. Militia
11/1/156 on 6 FlagAllstars vs. Lightning
11/1/156 on 6 FlagLight'em up vs. Nice Snatch
10/25/158 Man FlagHawkeyez vs. Giants
10/25/158 Man FlagOrange Lantern vs. New Breed
10/25/158 Man FlagAlllstars vs. Bankers
10/25/158 Man FlagSons of Anarchy vs. NWO
10/25/158 Man FlagDiablos vs. Savages
10/18/158 Man FlagAllstars vs. Warriors
10/18/156 on 6 FlagAllstars vs. Orange Lantern
10/18/158 Man FlagNWO vs. Outlaws
10/18/15TouchBanana Slugs vs. Panthers
10/18/158 Man FlagSavages vs Goons
10/11/158 Man FlagCanes vs. Bulldogs
10/11/158 Man FlagHawkeyez vs. Suicide Squad
10/11/158 Man FlagNJ Lions vs. Wolfgang
10/11/156 on 6 FlagBears vs. Cobras
10/04/156 on 6 FlagSam's Taxi Blazers vs. Bears
10/04/156 on 6 FlagDeep Treats vs. The Blanks
10/04/158 Man FlagHawkeyez vs. Trojans
10/04/156 on 6 FlagYombies vs. Bankers
10/04/156 on 6 FlagLightning vs. New Breed
9/27/158 Man FlagWarriors vs. NWO
9/27/15TouchBanana Slugs vs A-Team
9/27/15TouchMilitia vs. Replacements
9/27/156 on 6 FlagSam's Taxi Blazers vs. Dozers
9/27/158 Man FlagDiablos vs. Goons
7/12/15Flag B (Championship)Goons vs. Hawkeyez
7/12/156 on 6 Flag (Championship)Allstars vs. Bruins
6/28/15Flag AAllstars vs. Canes
6/28/156 on 6 FlagAllstars vs Sam's Tax Blazers
6/28/15TouchHawks vs. Flight Boyz
6/28/156 on 6 FlagBruins vs. Bucks
6/28/15Flag BHawkeyez vs. Patriots
6/28/15Flag BGoons vs Warriors
6/21/15TouchFlight Boyz vs. Grimaces
6/21/156 on 6 FlagSam's Taxi Blazers vs. Yombies
6/21/156 on 6 FlagBears vs. Bucks
6/21/15Flag AAllstars vs Shakerz
6/21/15Flag BKodiaks vs. Patriots
6/14/156 on 6 FlagYombies vs. Nexus
6/14/15Flag ACanes vs. HOB
6/14/15TouchAllstars vs Flight Boyz
6/14/15Flag BHawkeyez vs. NJ Lions
6/14/156 on 6 FlagSam's Taxi Blazers vs. Waka Wolfpack
6/14/15Flag BBankers vs. Bulldogs
5/31/15Flag BTeam Team vs. NWO
5/31/156 on 6 FlagBruins vs Lightning
5/31/156 on 6 FlagBears vs Balls Deep
5/17/15Flag ADiablos vs. Shakerz
5/17/15Flag BWolfgang vs. Patriots
5/17/156 on 6 FlagThe Bucks vs. Balls Deep
5/17/156 on 6 FlagSam's Taxi Blazers vs. BucCity Breed
5/10/15Flag ADiablos vs. Express
5/10/156 on 6 FlagBears vs. Bruins
5/3/15Flag AEast Orange Rec. vs. HOB
5/3/156 on 6 FlagBucCity Breed vs. Venom
5/3/15Flag AAllstars vs. Express
4/26/15TouchFlight Boyz vs. Replacements
4/26/15Flag BKings vs. Ramapo Locos
4/26/15Flag BGoons vs. Warriors
4/19/156 on 6 FlagWaka Wolfpack vs. Nice Snatch
4/19/15Flag BWarheads vs. Hawkeyez
4/19/156 on 6 Flag Watchmen vs. Lightning
4/12/15Flag BWarheads vs. NJ Lions
4/12/15Flag ACanes vs. HOB
4/12/156 on 6 FlagAllstars vs. Yombies
2014 Videos
12/07/14Flag A
Diablos vs. Allstars
11/23/14Flag B
New Wild Allstars (NWA) vs. Bulldogs
11/23/146 on 6 Flag
Allstars vs. Bears
11/23/14Flag A
Allstars vs. Canes
Banana Slugs vs. Bulldogs
11/16/146 on 6 FlagBears vs. Orange Lantern
11/09/146 on 6 FlagHawks vs. Bears
11/09/146 on 6 FlagSam's Taxi Blazers vs. Orange Lantern
11/02/14Flag ACanes vs. HOB
11/02/14Flag BWarheads vs. Lions
11/02/14Flag BSons of Anarchy vs. Outlaws
10/26/14Flag ADiablos vs. HOB
10/26/146 on 6 FlagSam's Taxi Blazers vs. Venom
10/16/146 on 6 FlagAllstars vs. Bruins
10/9/14Flag BGoons vs. Hawkeyez
10/5/14Flag AAllstars vs. Arabian Knights
9/28/14Flag BNew World Allstars (NWA) vs. Warheads
9/21/14Flag ADiablos V Panthers
9/14/14Flag BPatriots V Trojans
9/07/14Flag ADiablos V Panthers
6/01/14Flag BBulldogs vs. Kodiaks
6/01/14Flag AUnforgiven vs. Allstars
6/01/146 on 6 FlagAllstars vs. Spirits
6/01/14Flag BCrush vs. Economy Fuel Spartans
5/18/14Flag BKodiaks vs. Knuckle Deep
5/18/14Flag ACanes vs. Diablos
5/18/14TouchVipers vs. Youngbloods
5/11/14Flag ACanes vs. Phillies
5/11/14Flag BKnuckle Deep vs. Hawkeyez
5/11/146 on 6 FlagBruins vs. Deep Threats
5/04/14Flag ADiablos vs. Phillies
5/04/146 on 6 FlagDozers vs. BucCity BirdDogs
5/04/146 on 6 FlagNew Breed vs. Allstars
5/04/14Flag AExpress vs. Diablos
5/04/14Flag BNJ Lions vs. Team Team
5/04/14Flag BWarheads vs. Sons of Anarchy
5/04/146 on 6 FlagBruins vs. Justice League
4/27/14Flag AAllstars vs. Canes
4/27/146 on 6 FlagAllstars vs. Spartans
4/27/14Flag AShakerz vs. Express
4/13/14Flag AUnforgiven vs. Shakerz
4/13/14Flag BPatriots vs. Team Team
4/13/14Touch Dukes vs. Vipers
4/13/146 on 6 FlagLightning vs. Seahawks
4/13/14Flag BBulldogs vs. Gators
4/06/14Flag ACanes vs. Express
3/14/146 on 6 FlagSpartans vs. New Breed
3/14/14Flag AShakerz vs. Phillies
3/30/146 on 6 FlagBruins vs Wildcats (Highlights)
3/30/14TouchRough Riders vs Vipers (Highlights)
3/30/14TouchCharacters Fighting Irish vs Razorbacks (Highlights)
3/30/146 on 6 FlagDozers vs Allstars (Highlights)
3/23/14Flag BKnuckle Deep vs Team Team (Highlights)
3/23/14Flag BNice Snatch vs Outlaws (Highlights)
3/23/146 on 6 FlagRebels vs Deep Threats (Highlights)
2013 Videos
11/24/13TouchBanana Slugs vs. Bulldogs (Championship)
11/24/13Flag BExpress vs. Arabian Knights (Championship)
11/24/136 on 6 FlagBruins vs. Allstars (Championship)
11/17/13Flag AShakerz vs. A Shore Thing (Championship)
10/20/136 on 6 FlagAllstars vs Lightning
10/20/13Flag BWarriors vs. Goons
10/13/136 on 6 FlagRed Hurricanes vs. Deep Threats
10/13/136 on 6 FlagAllstars vs. Mussy
11/3/13Flag AHOB vs. Canes
11/3/13Flag BBulldogs vs. Wildcats
10/21/13Flag AHOB Vs Canes (GAME OF THE WEEK)
10/13/13Flag BArabian Knights vs. The Big Unit
10/13/13Flag BTrojans vs. Goons
10/13/13Flag BRockland Redskins vs. Warheads
10/13/13Flag BPatriots vs. Wildcats (GAME OF THE WEEK)
10/6/13Flag BWarriors vs Trojans
10/6/13TouchBulldogs vs. Sticky Bandits
10/6/136 on 6 Flag  Deep Threats vs. Jackals
10/6/13Flag AAST vs. HOB (GAME OF THE WEEK)
9/29/13TouchBuckeyes Vs Razorbacks
9/29/136 on 6 Flag Bruins Vs New Breed
9/29/13Flag APhillies Vs AST
9/29/13Flag ADirty Birdz Vs Shakerz
9/29/13Flag B Hawkeyes Vs Patriots (GAME OF THE WEEK)
9/22/13Flag AAST Vs Canes(GAME OF THE WEEK)
9/22/13TouchRed Rebels Vs Bulldogs
9/22/136 on 6 Flag Mutiny Vs Templars
9/22/13TouchA Team Vs Dog House
9/15/136 on 6 Flag Justice League Vs Templars
9/15/13Flag AAllstars Vs Phillies
9/15/13TouchNemesis Vs New Milford
9/15/136 on 6 Flag Orange Lantern Vs Jackals
9/15/13TouchBuckeyes Vs Dark Knights
9/15/13Flag BExpress Vs Warriors
9/15/13Flag AHOB vs Diablos (GAME OF THE WEEK)
9/15/13Flag BArabian Knights vs. Hawkeyes
9/8/13Flag A Diablos vs. AST(GAME OF THE WEEK)
9/8/13Flag BArabian Knights vs. Sons of Anarchy
9/8/13Flag BBankers vs. Bulldogs
8/18/13 Diablos vs. Seminoles (Summer 2013 - 8 on 8 Flag Tournament)
7/14/13 AST vs. Canes (Spring 2013 - Flag A Championship)
2012 Videos
2012 Highlights ACFL - Spring 2012 Video Action
9/3/12 ACFL SportsCenter - All Videos
9/3/12 Top Ten Plays
9/3/12 Summer 2012 Flag 8v8 Tournament
9/3/12 Summer 2012 Flag 6v6 Tournament
9/3/12 Spring 2012 Season
9/3/12 Fall 2012 Season

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