Touch & Flag Winter League
Touch, Flag Football Description

2018-19 ACFL Winter Flag and Touch Football Leagues

All teams make the playoffs!!

Leagues Start:
Sunday December 9th, 2018

6-on-6 (3 Count) TOUCH LEAGUE


6-on-6 (3 Count) FLAG LEAGUE




Basic Procedures:

1) Please contact J.T. through the “Contact Us” tab or call 914-629-4865 to register your team. Must be received by Tuesday December 4th, 2018

* There will be NO “In person registration” for the Winter 2017-18 season. Any team interested in playing, please contact J.T. through the “Contact Us” tab or Call/Text 914-629-4865.

2) Print out the TEAM REGISTRATION FORM (for teams) and mail with   appropriate payment to: ACFL, 48 Bi-State Plaza, #136, Old Tappan, NJ, 07675


- Payment is due by dates specified!
- Teams will
NOT be scheduled for games if payment is not received on time!
- There will be no more payments after the start of the season!

2. If you are a touch or flag football team with a home field**, mail a copy of the permit along with your registration form and fee. To get a field in your area, click here. NO discounts without permit with registration. Refunds are given for permits attained post-registration. Those field requiring a usage

3. Coaches: Print copies of the Season Waiver for each player to fill out before the season. On game day, print a copy of the Game Day Waiver to be filled out before each game.

Equipment: Flag football teams will need Sonic Flag Belts. Every player on a team need to wear the same color. If you need a group rate on a variety of jerseys, check out Official ACFL Jerseys

4. That's it! Individuals should just wait until their coach calls them. Coaches will hear from us when the schedule is complete. Watch for League updates on the ACFL Message Board...or have them emailed to you by joining the ACFL FIELD REPORT email list.

Fee Information:

Team Registration:
The flag and touch fee's are as follows:

- 8-on-8 No Count Flag   

 - $850.00

- 6-on- 6 (3 Count) Flag   

 - $850.00

- 6-on-6 (3 Count) Touch   

 - $850.00

- Wining teams receive a free season or $850.00.
- Any person who secures a field and the league is able to use it on Sunday's between 8:30am and 2pm will receive $250.00. If a field is secured by a person but the league cannot utilize the field for any reason, the fee cannot be given. If a field is secured by a person and the league can only use it on a limited basis, the fee will be pro-rated.

In addition there will be a $220.00 forfeit fee AFTER a team has 1 forfeit.
$110.00 will go towards the first forfeit and a $110.00 forfeit bond for
insurance. This bond will be refunded at the end of the season if the team
does not forfeit a second time.

Referee fees are $55 per game and are the team's responsibility on game day.

Without the appropriate fee at the start of the game, the game results in a forfeit. See League Rules regarding forfeit procedures.

All individual please sign up on the ACFL Free Agency! TAB.


Please Call/Text J.T. at 914-629-4865. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

For Information on Joining the Atlantic Coast Football League
General Info: Please contact J.T. at 914-629-4865
48 Bi-State Plaza #136
Old Tappan, NJ 07675

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