Not to be misleading, but the strict answer to your question is: no. Games have never been “cancelled” in the ACFL for weather. They are merely postponed to a later mutual date. We do have weather postponements. Here’s why: The first reason is safety. As league coordinators, we are obligated to provide some “rationality” and general concern for players when it comes to letting people play during our permitted times. We can only allow play in the safest conditions and we must make a responsible decision regarding the playing fields before every set of games.

We have to respect the fields on which we play. They are not just for us during the hours in which we play but also for everyone at all other hours. Therefore we feel obligated to keep them in good shape. Moreover, we are permitted to play on fields when they are in good condition. We have no agreement that allows us to use the field during conditions that might cause the field to be ripped up, like in sopping wet conditions from rain. That permit does not exist. Use in such would actually void our permits in most cases.

Aside from rain, there are three other primary weather-related events that could cause a cancellation. If we experience a heavy snow that melts in a short amount of time, that could theoretically have the same effects as a heavy rainfall. Also, we do play in snow. In nearly all cases. But playing on it causes it to be packed down underneath, which actually turns it to ice. Occasionally a good rain will remove the snow layer and reveal a solid sheet of ice spread across the field. The ice will only exist on the playing field and not where the snow wasn’t compacted! This is why we ban vehicles from flattening the snow in cases of heavy snowfall (Darylle!). The only other time for possible postponement is when it snows heavily the night/morning before and there hasn’t been sufficient time for clearing the streets. No one needs to play THAT badly! In the case of a postponement, it will be posted both on our Message Board and on our League Office line at 201-767-6054 by 6:30 a.m. on game day. No notification means games are on.

Every team needs to wear football jerseys. Every team member must wear the team color or he cannot play that game. Coaches are advised to keep some extra jerseys on hand just in case. Individual players: don’t buy anything until your coach tells you what color your team jerseys are. Also, if you need jerseys, call the league. We can get you our group rate on jerseys for your team. We’ll soon be unveiling our the ACFL Official Winter and Official Spring/Summer jerseys. They are not mandatory, but they will be custom designed (by you) to ACFL specification and will bear the official ACFL insignia.

Easy. You can print out the forms you need to register as a team hereYou cannot register by credit card online, but you can print out the page and mail it in with your league fee (check or money order) to the address on the form. As a team, all that is required to reserve your space is to submit the Team Registration form with your payment. You will need to have your players fill out the Player Waiver and the league must have it in possession before they can play. You can print them out from this link. On game day your team will need to fill out the Game Day Waiver. You can print them from here as well. That’s it!
If you have questions, call us at 914-629-4865.

You can place your name on our “Free Agent” list/tab. Here, teams can call you. A team in your area can contact you and you can find a team that way.  We also suggest that if you are looking to join a team to put a post on the “Message Board” tab indicating that you are looking to join a team. Keep in mind all rosters freeze at the midway point of the regular season.

If you are picked up by a team, the fee to play will be determined by that team captain.

Actually, that is completely up to you. If you secure a home field in your area. You tell us how far it is from your house and we’ll tell you how far you have to travel! Teams with fields get first choice when it comes to scheduling. You also save $250 off the league fee. And if you get a field, we can get more teams in your area as a result and that will mean virtually all of your games will be right in your area. If you don’t have a field we will still work with you to get you as close as possible as often as possible but please understand that the teams with fields get first dibs. If you see a field on our Field List page, request it and we promise to do what we can.

Glad you asked! It’s so easy and no one even realizes it! It’s basically a matter of calling your town, getting the forms faxed to you and filling them out. For details, visit the Field Usage page. Want a good example? Dumont obtained 4 FIELDS! Why? They asked! And you can bet they do little traveling as a result! Same can happen for any team in our league.

Wow, where do we start? There is less of a running game in touch theoretically because touching is easier than grabbing the flag. With ineligible linemen in flag, the line is also sometimes tougher in flag. Flag also tends to be a little more aggressive. For this reason 2-Hand Touch seems to be more popular in the winter with the frozen grounds. But you can check out the flag and two-hand touch rules here and get a feel for yourself.

First and foremost, to make sure your team is there to play on Sunday. And that each player has signed and submitted the Player Waiver and that all players sign the Game Day Waiver.

– It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure each player has read a copy of the rules without exception. As new rules may be added or altered during the season, the coach is responsible for alerting the team then too.
– During game, only one allowed to request a ruling from an official, unless a prior-designated captain is on the field.
– You don’t have to call your team in case of postponements because they are always posted on the Message Board. Just alert your team that it will be there.
– The coach is the only one recognized as one who can question the call of an official to get a clarification on the ruling. The coach may designate a captain to do so when not on the field. Anyone else may be ejected based on the discretion of the official.
– If you’re not going to be there you are still responsible for making sure your team will. You should also designate someone to run the team in your place and give that person access to the team’s phone list.
– Also, the coach is responsible for making sure his team takes all their belongs, including empties, after the game.

We’re there as a support base for whatever you need. Please feel free to keep in contact with us during the season if you have a problem or questions related to coaching your team or any other issues. You are not alone!

The referees do. But it is the responsibility of the winning team’s coach to get the correct score from the referee and call it in to 201-767-6054 or post it on the Message Board.

Tell us right away. We will do what we can for you. We can’t make promises, but we’ll try to make sure you don’t get a forfeit loss. However the sooner you inform us, the more likely we are to reschedule.

Gone. Period. It’s not tolerated in our league. We have strict rules regarding conduct which you can view here. We encourage enthusiastic play and competitive football. But it is a recreational league and we insist on only welcoming those who’s primary interest is to play fun, competitive football. Our referees are experienced and will do what they can to nip, let’s say, potentially-heated confrontations in the bud. But each player is considered responsible for his own actions.