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    Week 1 – September 11th, 2022

    Brookdale Park – Bloomfield, NJ (Turf Field #1)
    9:00 Dynasty 201 vs. Cheetahs
    10:30 Allstars vs. Smashmouth

    Watsessing Park – Bloomfield, NJ (Turf Field)
    9:00 Silver Wolfpack vs. Wolverines
    10:30 Goonies vs. Honey Badgers

    JERZ have a bye week.

    ** We will be playing 7 on 7 Flag this season with bumping off the line and stiff
    arming. Be very aware that if a ball carrier chooses to use a stiff arm, it is his
    responsibility to use an open hand to the chest of the defender. If the ball carrier
    hits a defender above the shoulders (Neck, Head, Face, etc.) it will be an immediate
    flag. Again, it is a choice that the ball carrier makes and should be aware of the
    potential for a penalty. We do not want to hear from the ball carrier that the
    defender lowered their head and that is why the contact above the shoulders happened.
    The defender has the right to go for the flag.

    ** We have a start time of 9am at Brookdale Park and Watsessing Park.

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