Free Agency Football Player Listings

NOTICE TO FREE AGENTS: If you are not selected by a team on the board, please contact the league or sign up as an individual. All registrants will be placed on a team.

ACFL Free Agents

Date PostedNameTown, CountyEmailDay/Evening PhonePositionsAgePrefers Flag/Touch FootballHS or College?Flag/Touch Experience?Prior ACFL Player?Former Team
9/23/21Vernod Rawlsvernodrawls@gmail.com9084460995QB, RB, WR, CB, Safety278 Man Flag
6 Man Flag
High SchoolNo
3/23/21Amir Mayeramirmayer19@gmail.com4848370331RB, SLWR, CB, FS, KR238 Man Flag
6 Man Flag
High School6 Man FlagYes
3/21/2021Anthony Piconeaepicone@gmail.com17325709657K/P, WR, LB/S298 Man Flag
6 Man Flag
High School6 Man Flag
YesWolverines ACFL South 2018
3/14/2021John Wrightwrongjr@aol.com9737226727Whatver is needed35TouchHigh SchoolTouchNo
10/19/2020Patrick Coughlanpj_coughlan@yahoo.com8455360982DB, WR216 Man Flag
YesBanana Slugs
8/15/2020Jonathan Sevillanosiryessirjon48@gmail.com5512555932TE, LG, RG, DE198 Man FlagHigh School8 Man FlagYesWarriors, Bulldogs
3/23/2020Wilkins Polancowilkins.polanco7@gmail.com3479719377WR188 Man Flag
6 Man Flag
3/9/2020John Lassiterjayichi@aol.com8452206295Center, linemen358 Man FlagHigh School8 Man FlagYes
2/21/2020Jae RosalesJ_Rosales27@aol.com9082799577QB WR DE Safety304years2 hand touchYesAll madden,Tune Squad, Sharks