2020 ACFL Summer Tournament

Sunday July 19th, 2020

Tournament Fee = $325.00

       To pre-register, contact J.T. by July 15th, 2020


All teams must notify J.T. prior to tournament date. We will not allow teams to show up the day of the tournament. Teams can contact J.T. by sending a message through the “Contact Us” tab on the website or calling/texting 914-629-4865.


 Winner will receive FREE ENTRY to a season or $800.00

(7 or more teams must participate). If we have 10 teams or more, the prize will be $1,000.00


Teams will be notified of start times.

Field location – Turf field at Stephen R. Gregg Park (Entrance is at the corner of Devlin Dr. and John F. Kennedy Blvd. Bayonne, NJ)


Regular season rules are in effect with the following modifications.

Round Robin will consist of 2 games. The Round Robin match-ups will be selected randomly. At the conclusion of the Round Robin, teams will be seeded by their record and will play in a single elimination tournament. At the conclusion of each single elimination round, teams will be re-seeded.

The first tie-breaker is total points against.

The second tie-breaker is decided by a coin flip.


  • Style of play = 6 on 6 Flag with a 3 Mississippi count.
  • Two 15 minute halves – running clock.
  • 1 time out per team for the game (not per half).
  • In the round robin games, the Officials will stop the clock to announce the 2 minute warning then the clock will start again.
  • In the playoff games, the last 2 minutes of the game will be regulation time. The clock will stop for incomplete passes, out of bounds, penalties, etc.


** Players must play in at least 1 game of the Round Robin to be eligible to play in the later rounds of the tournament.

** No kick offs – ball will be placed at the 15 yard line.


** Extra points can be run/pass.

1 Point Conversion:                 /            2 Point Conversion:

Run/Pass from 5 yard line.       /            Run/Pass from 10 yard line.

Interceptions on extra points can be returned by the defense. If they score they will be awarded the same amount of points as the value of the extra point attempt.

Points for seeding – Win = 2 points / Tie = ½ point / Loss = 0 points